Body Rhythms

Achieve complete rest through the comfort of natural latex

Natural Latex Sleep Systems...

Get a great night’s sleep of COMPLETE rest with our Body Rhythms line. We focused our design on:

Mind - Rest easy knowing our focus has been on actively searching for latex materials that are eco-friendly in all aspects of production and processed without toxins.

• Dunlop latex process
• No motion transfer
• Handcrafted in the USA
• Exceptionally resilient and durable

Body - Our rubber latex is designed to provide a pressure relieving experience, cradling and supporting your body to help provide proper spinal alignment. Our sleep surface helps reduce tossing and turning through a no-coil design, enhanced by stretch knits fabrics and woven fibers for the right amount of cushioining comfort.

Spirit - Wake up in the right spirit to face your day after achieving a great night’s sleep.

Sleep Inc. only makes new mattresses, but has dedicated our efforts to helping solve the environmental risks posed by the improper disposal of old mattresses through our old mattress end-of-life recycling initiative which tears down old mattresses and foundations to their core materials, allowing them to be repurposed into other industries.

So rest easy when you choose to buy a new mattress from Sleep Inc., knowing your decision has helped keep jobs in local communities by purchasing a quality mattress that is handcrafted in the USA by the leader in comfort and responsibility.

Bodyrhythms Sleep Inc.