Body Cool Gel Infused Foam

Body Cool

Achieve cooler rest through the comfort of gel infused foam

Gel Infused Rest

A Cooler, More Supportive Night's Sleep...

Our Body Cool sleep system combines the conforming comfort and pressure-relieving qualities of traditional visco memory foam with a special support gel for a more comfortable, cooler night’s sleep.

• Cool Comfort(TM) technology
• 100% gel infused memory foam, for
no chunks or hot spots
• Advanced pressure relief
• Handcrafted in the USA
• Personalized support of memory foam
• 20% greater temperature consistency

Designed for the sleepers who have previously stayed away from memory foam mattresses because of that "hot" feeling, these beds provide more support than memory foam with the added benefit of a cooler night's sleep.

Our Cool Comfort(TM) technology allows the sleep surface to stay cool and comfortable all night long for deeper, more meaningful sleep.

Sleep Inc. only makes new mattresses, but has dedicated our efforts to helping solve the environmental risks posed by the improper disposal of old mattresses through our old mattress end-of-life recycling initiative which tears down old mattresses and foundations to their core materials, allowing them to be repurposed into other industries.

So rest easy when you choose to buy a new mattress from Sleep Inc., knowing your decision has helped keep jobs in local communities by purchasing a quality mattress that is handcrafted in the USA by the leader in comfort and responsibility.

Sleep Inc. Body Cool